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Peter Relish_ The Sword of Hecate

The Sword of Hecate

Ben T. Clarke

I wanted my book to look beautiful inside and out, and from the moment I chose Enchanted Ink to help with this, I knew I had chosen the right people. The process worked smoothly and was far easier than I expected. They brought my rough visions to life. I've lost track of the amount of compliments I get from readers who are in love with the cover and the formatting. I couldn't recommend working with Enchanted Ink enough.



The Witch's Crystal

Devon Gambrell

Going through the process of self-publishing a book can be terrifying, but Natalia and her team walked me through the process of cover design and editing. They answered all of my questions (no matter how silly or redundant) and helped me feel at ease. I highly recommend their services and will use them in the future.


A Place Upstream.png

A Place Upstream

Jaye L. Haberman

As someone who enjoys the writing process but entered the “business” side of publishing with mild
dread, I am so fortunate to have stumbled onto Natalia’s YouTube channel, which led me to Enchanted Ink Publishing.

Natalia, Greg, and the EIP team kept my project on track, patiently managed my questions and feedback, and consistently maintained a high level of professionalism both in their communications and product. Publishing services are an investment, but costs remained precisely as expected. All charges were clear and upfront, and putting my novel into the world at its best was worth every penny.

I wholeheartedly recommend EIP to anyone considering working with them, and I won’t hesitate to
entrust future writing projects to their team.


Lifeblood_Sanguine Kiss

Lifeblood: Sanguine Kiss

Elizabeth Anne Grey

I found Enchanted Ink Publishing online back in 2021, but before that, I found their fearless leader Natalia Leigh on YouTube and I knew I had found an incredible mentor. She was smart, funny, and someone I instantly admired. Her tutorials were very informative and easy to follow, and I learned more about Word in one afternoon than I had in the twenty-four years before. Then when I discovered she had her own company and an incredible team behind her, I knew EIP was going to be perfect to make my dreams a reality. I have worked with them for the first three books of my six-book series, and I fully intend to work with them for the rest of the series and all future projects. They have taught me so much and have made me a better writer. I highly recommend them.


Finding Calm

Finding Calm

J. Allen

Enchanted Ink Publishing exceeded all expectations, earning my unwavering appreciation. My first-time self-publishing experience was nothing short of extraordinary, and I'd rate it 6 out of 5 stars if I could. Their fantastic support and experience made the tough parts of the writing experience feel way more manageable. Without their guidance, Katrina Calm's literary journey wouldn't have been possible. Enchanted Ink not only delivers exceptional publishing services but also fosters a collaborative and empowering environment for authors. I am grateful for their pivotal role in bringing my vision to life, and I wholeheartedly endorse Enchanted Ink Publishing for anyone embarking on their publishing journey.


Dragod Origins

Dragod Origins: Rising Blood

E. K. Wiggins

As a debut author, there was many questions I had in the beginning of my writing journey for my
debut novel, ‘Dragod Origins: Rising Blood’ and, to be honest, I instantly began writing before
thinking about an editor, formatting the book, etc. When I stumbled upon Natalia’s YouTube
videos then learned of EIP + saw the reviews, I knew I wanted to work with you! Throughout all
services I’ve gone through, I’ve been extremely pleased with the results, service and long
suffering (even when I was horribly nit-picky!); EIP really added to the writing experience! I’d
highly recommend EIP as an editor, for book services and character design!


All the Jagged Edges

All the Jagged Edges

Talara Tate

As a first-time self-published author, I was extremely overwhelmed with the process of publishing a book. Now having gone through the ups and downs of it, I can say without a doubt that working with Enchanted Ink Publishing was the easiest part of the whole thing. Not only were they extremely responsive and got me everything on time, but they also took the time to answer my hundreds of questions. Most importantly, through my vague descriptions, Greg turned my book into something even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Before this process, I wondered how important it was to have a professional service format my book, but after working with Enchanted Ink, I realize that it’s invaluable. I’m so pleased with every aspect of their service and look forward to working with them on all my future books. 20/10 would recommend. 




A. R. Stonecypher

I have now worked with Enchanted Ink Publishing on two cover arts and a line edit. No matter who I was emailing, the correspondence was always professional and extremely kind. Both of my covers were done beautifully. They took my concepts and rendered them better than I could have imagined. They were swift in modifying any changes I requested and even updated the font to something they felt better suited my genre before I could ask.

As writers it can sometimes be hard to hand our work over to editors and allow them to change and critique something we have poured so much of our hearts into, but I was surprised and happy to see how little of my voice Natalia seemed to change. She did a fantastic job cleaning up my story without it sounding like an entirely different author. I love how she not only pointed out things I was lacking, like character and setting details, but also directed me toward areas I could implement these descriptions. She’s also great at providing praises periodically so you aren’t left feeling like your manuscript is a complete mess. Working with Natalia feels like a blessing, and I look forward to doing it again in the future.


All Battles End at Sunset

All Battles End at Sunset

Jared Acuña

I often find myself responding to compliments with, "Thanks! It was actually my editor's suggestion!" The Manuscript Critique was an invaluable resource that taught me the difference between my great ideas and my not-so-good ones. My editor had a great sense of humor and was a lot of fun to work with, and I never felt picked-apart. Anything negative was said with a lot of love and care. She helped me see past my own faults and encouraged me to elevate my material to what she saw it could be and gave me all the compass points to get there. Being critqued by EIP was a very empowering experience and I found myself combing over the editorial letter again and again whenever I felt lost or listless during re-writes. The Manuscript Critique is an often overlooked and skipped service in the self-publishing world, but it called out the gold in my writing and helped pull out even more.


Additionally, the Copy Editor and Proofreader molded my work into something close to perfect grammar and made great judgment calls on every page, correcting things that I could never have seen.


Last, the formatter and interior book designer had incredible know-how and experience. He was a wonder to work with and can do in one hour what most people can only accomplish in one week. He implemented my instructions to the literal letter and we melded our two designs perfectly, though he added a little extra  flare of his own: a professional touch that cannot be faked. Whenever someone picks up my book and says, "This is all so nicely done, a delight to hold and just look through," well, that's mostly thanks to EIP!


The Dainty Spirit.png

The Dainty Spirit

Josie Wild

Enchanted Ink Publishing delivered a beautifully polished manuscript beyond my wildest expectations. Their formatting is so beautifully done through collaboration between the author and formatter, resulting in a manifestation of a vision that captures readers with each turning page. I highly recommend Enchanted Ink for any of your self publishing needs. I will be sure to utilise their brilliant services for my next self-publishing venture. 


WildWood Revisited.png

WildWood Revisited

Cinasee Pollett

Copy Editing: Enchanted Ink Publishing did an amazing job copy editing my novel! Collaborating with them was a wonderful experience, and I am so happy I had the opportunity to work with them on WildWood Revisited. Communication was great! Natalia was quick to respond to any questions and made sure I had all of the information I needed. The copy edits were incredibly thorough. Not only did Lisa catch typos, correct grammar, and help my writing sound British (by request), but she also caught an anachronism in my historical fantasy! All of Lisa’s suggestions were spot on, and she was so gracious in how she presented them. I never felt judged for my grammar mistakes; rather, Enchanted Ink made me feel encouraged by their genuine investment in my story. My book is now its best self, and that is thanks to Enchanted Ink.

Cover Design: They truly captured the essence of my story. I love how magical the cover feels! Communication was fantastic throughout the entire process and revisions went so smoothly. They really understood my vision! They have been incredibly supportive and encouraging. I'm so thankful I was able to work with them! They have given my book the most beautiful face and have helped me reach my lifelong goal of publishing a novel. I am so grateful for their hard work and wholeheartedly recommend them to every author!


Before the Sun Sets

Before the Sun Sets

J. R. Viera

I highly recommend working with Enchanted Ink Publishing to self-publish your novel. I had the opportunity to work with Natalia and various members of her team, who have all contributed to making my dream a reality. 

Chelsea was very professional, caring and insightful when working on the manuscript critique and copy edit. I believe it was the best constructive criticism I have ever received. She was willing to answer all my questions and ask me new ones to push my creativity to a new level.

Natalia was my main point of contact and she always communicated in a friendly and professional manner. I worked with her on the blurb of my novel. I am very impressed by her promptness and advice. 

After working with Natalia and Chelsea, I decided to also work with Enchanted Ink to format my novel and I'm very grateful I did. Greg exceeded my expectations, not only in the beautiful and simplistic formatting I envisioned but by the creative touches he suggested to make it even better. His professionalism is impressive and his patience is appreciated. 

I worked with Meredith for the proofreading of my novel. She helped with the final touches. I'm pleased with her attention to detail. She did not hesitate to comment or give suggestions. I felt like my novel was ready for the world.

I am beyond happy I chose to work with Enchanted Ink Publishing and I hope I can work with Natalia and her team for my next novel. 


The One Who Loved.png

The One Who Loved

Brooklyn Cannon

Self-publishing is a daunting task. Finding a great editor is just as daunting. But just from watching YouTube and watching Natalia Leigh's videos, I got the best editing services I could want!


EIP has made the whole process of making and publishing my debut book so much easier! Obviously, I have never made a book before, so I had no idea what to expect when hiring an editor and formatter. And I couldn't recommend EIP any more–they are amazing people and great editors/formatters/cover designers/etc. Thanks guys for making my first book perfect!!


The Otherworlds

The Otherworlds

RJ Kinner

I couldn't be more pleased with EIP. They went above and beyond with my copy edit, and it helped take my book to that professional level. Within the edits, everything was explained and well laid out, super easy to follow! They themselves were professional, friendly, easy to work with, and their rates were fairly priced. I'll definitely be back with more projects in the future! Thank you EIP!


The Summer with Annagale

The Summer with Annagale

Colleen Smith

Finding an editor is one of the more difficult aspects of self-publishing. I heard about Enchanted Ink Publishing for a few years and was excited to work with them. I was not disappointed.


They were quick at responding and honest with their feedback. I had hoped to book them for a proof-reading, but they very professionally and truthfully told me I needed another copy-edit first. I was grateful for the honesty and the sample edit Natalia did to show me where my manuscript needed work.

Lisa did an amazing job on my copy-edits, and I’m grateful for her corrections and kind words.


Everyone I worked with at EIP was professional, encouraging, and prolific. I’m excited to continue working with them in the future!


Dawn of the Argonauts.png

Dawn of the Argonauts

Steve Misik

Working with Enchanted Ink Publishing for the copy edit, formatting, and book blurb edit of my first novel was a pleasure. Natalia was very professional throughout my entire experience with EIP and did an outstanding job on the book blurb edit.

Lisa did an amazing job with the copy edit of the manuscript, and her feedback assisted me greatly.


Greg’s formatting and typesetting skills are superb and helped bring the novel to the next level.


I felt like I had a team of experts helping me prepare the novel for publishing. I will definitely be entrusting EIP with my future projects.


The Broken World

The Broken World

H. M. Johnson

Enchanted Ink Publishing is exactly what I needed. A professional editing experience that felt personal and didn't extort me for money. Every step of the process was easy and professional, and it gave me a lot of comfort to know that I was putting my book in their hands. Cannot recommend enough, and I will continue to work with them to make my books the best they can be.


An Element of Darkness.png

An Element of Darkness

Julie Vaid

I found Enchanted Ink Publishing by chance and was so impressed with the sample edit they did for me, I booked right away. Meredith copy edited my novel and the results were beyond anything I was expecting. I think the saying you don’t know what you don’t know rings true when it came to the edits I received. Since An Element of Darkness was my debut novel, I had a lot to learn about proper grammar and sentence flow. Meredith took my novel and polished it until it shined. The feedback on An Element of Darkness as a whole was so valuable and encouraging as someone just starting out in their author career. I cannot recommend Enchanted Ink Publishing enough, especially to fellow debut authors!


Let the Rubble Fall

Let the Rubble Fall

Mandi Lynn Bell

Working with Natalia for copy edits was an absolute dream! Her level of care and detail editing my manuscript was phenomenal! It’s extremely hard to find a good editor, but rest assured, Natalia is a true pro!


Broken Crown.png

Broken Crown

Sabrina Lozier

Natalia did a wonderful job with the copyedit of my book, especially when there was a bit of a hiccup with editors. Her feedback on my story was thoughtful, encouraging, and instructive. I will definitely be using her services in the future!


The Fireflies' Champion.png

The Fireflies' Champion

Amy Mirashi

I recently worked with Enchanted Ink Publishing on my debut novel and was blown away by the results. Not only did Natalia go above and beyond by answering all of my newbie author questions, but also by providing a wealth of knowledge and sharing step-by-step videos showing how to prep your manuscript before you submit. My copy editor did an amazing job and helped bring my novel to the next level. She provided the manuscript with edits, and more importantly, took the time to explain why the edit should be made. I also really appreciated her detailed reader resort and inline feedback about the book in general. I definitely plan to work with Enchanted Ink Publishing on all my future projects!


The Wandering Tree.png

The Wandering Tree

MJ Carstarphen

A friend referred me to Enchanted Ink for book formatting and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. As an author getting ready to publish my debut novel, formatting was something I had no clue how to do, but knew it was a big part of getting my book out there. Enchanted Ink created the perfect chapter headers using some elements from my cover designer, and they made it look so professional and put together, better than I could have imagined. I highly recommend working with them; they were great with communication and quick, but efficient, with getting my book's formatting done and back to me. I will definitely be working with them in the future. I can't wait to get my book out there to show off the great work they did!


Aren's Chronicle.png

Aren's Chronicle

Jemima Aguele

My experience working with Enchanted Ink Publishing (Greg) was the most exciting and rewarding adventure I have ever had as an author. Their work ethics, knowledge, skill, and outright determination to see me succeed were contagious. I always looked forward to an email from them. My book not only came to life but it was done with such care and excellence that it left me speechless. EIP will continue to be my go-to house (company) for everything publishing.


Crystal Shore.png

The Crystal Shore

Jo de-Lancey

Natalia copy edited The Crystal Shore, and I absolutely loved working with her. It's my debut novel, so taking the steps to publish and release it myself was terrifying. However, working with Natalia was the exact opposite. She's warm, friendly and professional. Some of the comments she left on my manuscript really made me smile and gave me a much needed boost - I have very little confidence and self-belief. She looked after my book, and treated it with such care and attention, and gave me so many helpful comments and suggestions. I'm so glad that I worked with her, as she really made my book shine. I'm already looking forward to working with her on the next one. Greg also formatted my book, and it's so perfect. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I'd recommend Enchanted Ink and their services to anyone. 


The Ambassador

The Ambassador

Brian C. Baker

The delightful thing about Enchanted Ink is that they’re more than editors and graphics designers and formatting experts.  They are artists.  With gentle hands and keen insights, they will add to your work in a way that is collaborative, reliable, professional, and - in the end - quite beautiful.  After interviewing a half-dozen other potential partners, and then living through the process that took my novel to market, I can say that selecting Enchanted Ink was the best possible choice. 


Lost Rings and Other Things

Lost Rings and Other Things

Vanessa Raccio

Writing and self-publishing can be pretty daunting. It was such a pleasure to work with Greg and Natalia on the formatting of my debut novel. They are both extremely professional, personable, open to feedback and suggestions, and truly make you feel like you and your book are in the best hands by providing quality feedback and product. I was so impressed with Enchanted Ink that I've chosen to work with them on the cover designs for my entire series, as well as content and copy edits for my upcoming novels. Natalia and Greg: thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this process so seamless and exciting for me!


The Reign Below.png

The Reign Below

Sierrah M. Strange

I simply cannot praise Enchanted Ink enough for their quality work on The Reign Below. They took my manuscript and turned it into a wonderful, polished book. Chelsea did my copy edit, and I was blown away at the thoroughness of her work and pleasantly surprised with her reader notes she made as she read. It was very exciting to read her reader report, and to see a reader pick up on all the idiosyncrasies of The Reign Below was a full circle moment for me. My amazement continued when Greg delivered the format design. He captured my vision for the book and answered many of my formatting questions that made the process fly by. Enchanted Ink has made my self-journey a memorable one. I’ll definitely be returning for my sequel, The Rot Below and the rest of the books in The Belowen Series. 


Antonius and the Zodiacs.png

Antonius and the Zodiacs

Dahlia Ornelas

For my first time publishing a novel, I wanted to make sure my book was in the right hands, and Enchanted Ink was the perfect team to trust with my work. I had my copy editing, formatting, and cover design all done through them, and I was absolutely blown away by the team’s work! This is an extremely professional team, and it’s very clear they take pride in what they do. From day one they were responsive and supportive of all my questions/concerns/requests, and throughout the time we worked together, they proved to be diligent. I fully intend to return to them with future projects!


Red Dirt Paradise

Red Dirt Paradise

Brooke Cowan

Enchanted Ink Publishing did such a fantastic job on my debut novel. They did everything I asked of them and surprised me by adding their own touch of magic to my pages. My book is beautiful, and it’s truly everything I dreamed it’d be. I’m so glad I hired them and will be using them for the rest of my novels!




Providence: Kairos

Anorin Arssinous

I had the pleasure and greatest luck of getting my debut novel formatted with Enchanted Ink. Aside from the professionalism and attention to detail—which was amazing—I want to make sure the world knows how kind, patient, and understanding Enchanted Ink was. I had everything you could imagine go wrong with my book and with its launch. I was at a point where I seriously considered NOT publishing. The team at Enchanted Ink was there for me with their unfailing support and determination to ensure I had exactly what I needed to publish my book—beyond formatting—working like crazy for this first-time self-publishing author. No words can express how thankful I am to have worked with this team. Thank you again so much for being there for me and creating one of the most beautiful book interiors I have ever seen!


The Crimson Gods

The Crimson Gods

Chris M. Christian

I really enjoyed working with Natalia and her team. Enchanted Ink did an outstanding job in every way helping me to polish my debut novel. From simply answering questions, to Meredith pointing me in the right direction with her developmental edit, to Greg’s formatting. The interior is a work of art in and of itself. Highly recommended, and I will definitely use their services again!


Wild Spirit - Huntress.png

Wild Spirit: Huntress

Victoria Wren

After discovering Natalia’s channel and watching a video she made on her overhaul on the formatting on one of her older books, she inspired me to think outside the box when it came to my own book design. But then I realised it was her lovely partner, Greg, who was responsible for the creative designs, and I knew I had to book them for my own book. That was book one in my series, and after receiving some amazing compliments on the  book design, it was a no-brainer to use them again. And I’m so glad I did.


The book is stunning, beyond my expectations. Greg listens to all your ideas and then brings them to life, and he is so patient and kind when it comes to fixing anything. I highly recommend them!


Kingdom of Nyte


Alexandria Cainlocke

I was absolutely blown away by the stunning work that both Greg and Thea did for my formatting and book cover design. 

For formatting my book, Greg was always prompt and quick to offer solutions and answers to all my formatting questions. From map formatting, to chapter headings, to two-page layout designs, and even inside letter designs, he really elevated my book into something beautiful.

Thea designed my book cover for books one and two. I had given her a list of colors and ideas, and from there she created not one but two phenomenal covers. I had also opted for a dust jacket design and wasn’t disappointed. The blend of colors and attention to detail, from the character design on the back to the inside flap, was beyond anything I could've imagined.

Not only did Enchanted Ink Publishing produce outstanding work, they were also informative, flexible, and professional. I am excited to work with them again for future projects!


The Tale of Samara

Alyssa Green

The Tale of Samara

The communication between Natalia and I was seamless. It was like talking to a good friend, and reading the comments in my manuscript had that same feeling. If you want an editor who combines professionalism along with some friendly banter, then Enchanted Ink is for you.


Natalia sent my manuscript back to me polished and prim. There were many inconsistencies she caught within my plot, as well as numerous grammatical errors. I’ve learned a great deal about myself as far as where I need to improve my writing. For example, I’m very frivolous with my commas and ellipses. Her comments were not degrading or insulting in any way. She simply stated why she changed something and shared references in the CMOS, which I appreciated immensely.


I worked with Enchanted Ink’s cover designer as well. The cover Thea came up with fit my book so perfectly that I was in tears when I saw it. The cover design process was easy and painless. I filled out the questionnaire, and within a few weeks I received a beautiful representation of what I described. Enchanted Ink Publishing is at the top of the list for my indie-author needs.


Shattering Silence

Shattering Silence

Catherine Kopf

Enchanted Ink is so professional and easy to work with. When I handed over my novel for copy edits it came back to me shiny and new. The way Natalia communicated with me was so clear and positive, and all of her changes helped to make the story and writing even better than it already was! I felt even more invigorated for my story than before the copy edits thanks to her support and knowledge.



The Rock Chucker

John Hoag

Everything looks excellent. If I knew anyone else who wrote books, I would definitely recommend Enchanted Ink. If I ever write another one, I'll come back for editing, formatting, and book cover design. Best of luck. Thanks again.


Unending Trails

Unending Trails

Veronica Mahara

Natalia did the copy editing on my third book, Unending Trails. She did an incredible job! Her skill and knowledge in editing is amazing. Natalia is very professional, yet personable, and a joy to work with. I wish I had found her sooner! She will be working on my future books, and I’m happy to have her on my team. Every writer deserves a good copy editor, and I highly recommend her for the job.



At Any Cost

Chris T. Armstrong

It was a great pleasure working with Greg on the formatting of my book. As it was my first published book, I didn’t know about all the details of formatting and other aspects of creating a manuscript ready for publication. Greg answered all my questions promptly and guided me through the process. I was particularly happy with a design idea he came up with that I never would have thought of. The uniqueness of this design element really elevated the artistic look of the book. I give Greg and Enchanted Ink my highest recommendation, and I look forward to working with them on all my future publications.



Seeking Shadows

E. A. Cartwright

I’m so happy to have found Natalia at Enchanted Ink Publishing. I was at a place with my book where I knew it wasn’t finished, but I couldn’t figure out what wasn’t right. Natalia read through it and not only commented on the fine details and gave suggestions on how I could strengthen broader elements, but also pointed out some copyediting hiccups I should look into. She answered all questions I had and also gave me advice on how I could better prepare readers for Book 2 by incorporating details into Book 1. Thanks to Natalia, I feel more confident in publishing my novel than I ever have before, and I can’t wait to work with her again!


Misunderstanding Mr. Popular

Misunderstanding Mr. Popular

Dane Luna

I had a wonderful experience having Natalia edit my first novel. She was very thorough, and I appreciated her detailed notes explaining the edits she made so I could avoid making the same mistakes in the future. I could tell she really cared about my work and about making it the best it could be for publication.

It was such a joy to work with her because she was very professional, providing timely responses and the proper documentation for our project. But I also appreciated how friendly she was, making the whole editing process painless and pleasant!

In a nutshell, the editing she did on my manuscript assured me that I had a quality book and gave me the confidence to publish it. I would definitely want to work with her again for my future books!


Frank the Painter

Frank the Painter

Joshua Kaplan

I heard of Enchanted Ink through Natalia Leigh’s YouTube page for writers. Her YouTube channel was interesting; it helped explain some of the challenges of self-publishing. I visited the webpage and decided to hire Enchanted Ink to format my book because I didn’t have the knowledge or skills to create a professionally designed novella. The payment process was straightforward. I put down a deposit for half of what I owed, then I paid when the formatting was complete. The process was fast. The staff at Enchanted Ink dealt with me professionally and accommodated my lack of preparation. The design was aesthetically appealing, creative, and suited my vision well. I appreciate all the hard work and technical expertise that Enchanted Ink puts into their work, and bringing my first novel to life was exhilarating and satisfying. I would not hesitate to hire them for another book formatting project.


The Caretaker

The Caretaker

David Badurina

Upon finishing my debut novel as a self-publishing author, it was critical for me to find a skilled person to have the same level of care and dedication that I did with those precious words. I searched far and wide and sent samples to editors across the world to find that person to help me shine. Natalia is that person.Her professionalism, promptness, and understanding of the process of writing, editing, and publishing was precisely what I needed for something so important to me. When I received my words back with her edits, comments, and suggestions, I was thrilled and full of renewed excitement seeing my precious work with the perfect coat of polished editing. Her eye for continuity errors and suggestions for small rewrites to give the work extra punch were perfect. Great people who are willing to honor your work with their own skill set to bring out the best are hard to find. Natalia was a perfect fit for my work, my style, and helping with my goals of putting out the best story I could. I’m incredibly excited to work with her on book #2!


Kobe Bryant's Sneaker History

Kobe Bryant's Sneaker History

Pat Benson

The team at Enchanted Ink Publishing was vital in making my dream become a reality. Their knowledge and professionalism were second to none. Most importantly, they are friendly and caring. I highly recommend them for any service.


The Delivery Co

The Delivery Co.

Lane Northcutt

Working with Natalia at Enchanted Ink Publishing has been nothing short of wonderful. Her helpful comments and questions far surpassed what I expected from a copy edit, and I'm very happy with the end result. There were plenty of things to be fixed, and she caught them all and finished in the timeline needed. Whenever I had a question, she was quick to respond and her attitude remained positive and helpful throughout the process. In addition to the grammar and spelling, Natalia pointed out plenty of things related to plot and character, which aided in strengthening the whole story. I thought my book was good before I sent it to her, but now it's amazing, and I couldn't have done it without her. It was so great to work with her on my debut novel. In fact, I have already booked a slot for the sequel! I would recommend Natalia and Enchanted Ink Publishing to anyone and everyone who asks. They are the definition of professional.


Tooth Fairy Wanted

Tooth Fairy Chronicles

Maria F. Peters

This is my second time using Enchanted Ink Publishing to edit my book, and I can’t praise them enough. Their professionalism and care that they put into their work is amazing, and I highly recommend using their services. In fact, I have scheduled my third book to be edited by them already.

Thank you, Natalia. Your hard work is not unappreciated, and I will continue to use your services and recommend you to others.



The Infiniti Trilogy

Rachel Hetrick

I was overjoyed to work with Natalia. She was polite, professional, and encouraging in all of her communications with me, and I knew I was in good hands from the start. Her copy edits to my book took the writing to a whole new level. The changes she made were incredibly helpful in cleaning up what I had to say and making the language itself stronger. I highly recommend working with Enchanted Ink Publishing for all of your editing needs!


All the Woods.png

All the Woods She Watches Over

Emily McCosh

Natalia was absolutely wonderful to work with! She delivered her edits early, left fantastic feedback on my short story collection, and was always helpful. I feel like I've found a new author friend as well as an editor, and I'll definitely be sending her my books in the future!


Widow's Weeds

Widow's Weeds

Sara Keefe

I had a wonderful experience working with editor Natalia Leigh at Enchanted Ink! I am so pleased with how polished and professional my novel has become with her guidance. Enchanted Ink has really helped me feel confident and proud of sharing my book with readers!


Trail of Flames

Trail of Flames

Marlow York

I loved working with Natalia at Enchanted Ink! She did copy editing for the second book in my YA fantasy series, and I was very impressed by her attention to detail when finding mistakes and the improvements she recommended. Also, she was incredibly responsive to emails and made the entire process painless and quick. She's exactly the type of professional a writer needs when trusting their "book baby" to an editor. I'd gladly go back to her when the next book in my series is ready for copy editing!


Queen of Thieves

Queen of Thieves

C. J. Kavanaugh

Natalia did a wonderful job on my YA fractured fairy tale retelling. She took her time to be thorough, created a detailed style sheet for me to follow as I went through her edits, and explained every significant or reoccurring change she made by referencing the CMOS, which helped me not to repeat those mistakes in the future. I will be sending another book of mine to her in March, and hopefully many more to come!


Snow Dust

Snow Dust

Joanna G. Holden

The experience that I had was incredible. I was so pleased and so encouraged by the personalized feel and professional level of editing.


Click here to watch Joanna's video review of our copy editing services.


The Tarnished Ones

The Tarnished Ones

Bill Argent

I can only affirm all of the positive reviews I have read about Enchanted Ink. In my case, I only had the opportunity to work with Greg on the formatting, which he accomplished in a timely, seamless, and informative manner. My only regret is that I didn't have the opportunity to work with their entire team to include editing and cover design, as these were separately accomplished before I came across Natalia on YouTube. Given my positive experience with Enchanted Ink, I hope to work with them on my future novels.


The Evil Within


Kimberly Marraffino

Enchanted Ink Publishing has been absolutely amazing. I first worked with Greg as a formatter for my eBook with my first book, Return to Kiluemar. He was fast, efficient, and my perfectionism didn't seem to bother him. He was very professional and a pleasure to work with.


That being said, I decided since I had such a great experience with Book 1 in my series, I had to use EIP for Book 2. Natalia was amazing with copyediting my manuscript and helping me with my back cover blurb. She gave great suggestions, notes, and even caught things my other copyeditor didn't. I also loved the personal notes along the way in my manuscript—it made it feel more like she cared about the story and she didn't just view it as a job. She has always been polite, patient, and goes above and beyond for her clients. I, personally, feel both Greg and Natalia view their clients as more than just that. They truly care about the work being put out and not just collecting money.


I would also like to note that when a problem with Book 1 occurred after publication, Greg caught it and immediately helped me fix the issue. I can't say enough great things about EIP, and I plan on using them with the rest of the books in my series. Thank you EIP for everything!


Hearth Blessed

Hearth Blessed

Bekah Kurz

Working with Enchanted Ink Publishing has been a wonderful experience all around. This is my first time self-publishing and they were quick to respond to email correspondence with clear and comfortable communicators. I worked with Lisa for my copy edit and then I worked with Greg for my novel's formatting. Both provided excellent service and helped me feel excited to see my work come to life. Natalia at the helm of the EIP ship, and a self-published author herself, answered all of my questions and made me feel like I was talking to someone who knew how I felt. I am so happy I chose to work with this team and I look forward to our future collaborations.


Wizards of the Apocalpyse

Wizards of the Apocalypse

X Zombie

This is my first time working with Enchanted Ink Publishing; they were a joy to work with! I worked with Natalia and Greg on cover design and e-book formatting, and the job they did was astounding. They were both very prompt and professional and made the process easy. As a fellow artist who wanted to incorporate my own artwork into her cover but still receive the feedback and aid of a professional designer, Natalia and Greg were so open to ideas and willing to collaborate, so our styles fit together for a stunning book cover. I appreciated that so much and I couldn't be happier! I highly recommend Enchanted Ink Publishing! I will definitely be working with them on all my future novels.


The Husking.png

The Husking

John Graham

I was getting ready to prep my novel for editing when I came across one of Natalia’s YouTube videos. One thing led to another and I ended up booking with Enchanted Ink for a manuscript critique.


I worked with Meredith. It was the first critique I’d had done, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. When I got it back, I spent a Saturday morning going through her notes. They were extensive and thorough and insightful. It’s one thing to have a fresh set of eyes on your work, but she was able to get inside the story and present aspects of it back to me in ways I hadn’t considered.


I was concerned a professional editor might be tempted to sugar coat the critique to keep the experience positive for the writer. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see Meredith pulled no punches in terms of pointing out elements of the story that weren’t working. She also went into detail about why things weren’t working, and offered alternatives, so I understood where she was coming from and why.


I’ll be bringing the second and third books in my own series back to them. They’ve been professional and courteous and friendly from start to finish. I’d highly recommend Enchanted Ink if you're considering using them.



Alchemy among the Seven Holy Tombs

Michael Joseph Dammit Sullivan

Self-publishing my short story collection, Alchemy among the Seven Holy Tombs, was a bit of a gamble: short story collections, especially by first time authors, aren’t hot property by a long shot! Even bearing this in mind, I really wanted to see a finished product of my work. After viewing several of Natalia’s YouTube videos, I decided to use Enchanted Ink for the editing and proofreading as far as my budget allowed. I cannot state enough how pleased I am with the finished product!


I only took advantage of their copy editing and formatting services, but I’m thrilled with the way it turned out. After seeing how polished the collection appears due to Chelsea and Greg’s help and hard work, I wouldn’t hesitate to use Enchanted Ink again, but this time I’d also add line editing and perhaps cover design as well. I was very lucky to have found a group of dedicated professionals who  could help me produce something of which I’m very proud, all within my modest means!


My sincere thanks to Natalia, Chelsea, Greg and the team at Enchanted Ink!


Phantom Academy

Phantom Academy

Shandy Bean

Cover: Enchanted Ink provided exactly what I asked for and more. The cover is absolutely stunning, I have already had several customers tell me the cover was what made them need to buy my book.

The artist also made all the changes I asked for and came up with unique design ideas. Recommend this service 100 percent.

Copy Editing:  The copy editing was brilliant, my editor, Meredith took care of all grammar, spelling, tense issues, plus created a natural flow throughout the whole manuscript. She also pointed out where I had used multiple spellings of the same name and was able to make all wording UK appropriate for me. I can’t wait to use this service again.


Blurb Pass: Fantastic inexpensive service, Natalia made my blurb flow perfectly and gave me feedback on what I had done so far.


Formatting: As already stated in many reviews, Enchanted Ink’s formatting service is second to none. Greg provided beautiful text imagery for my chapter headings and scene breaks. The format was uploaded to Amazon KDP publishing without any issues whatsoever. This is perfect for authors new to self-publishing.

Enchanted Ink: I must have exchanged well over a hundred e-mails with Enchanted Ink whilst they were working on my book. They are incredibly friendly, patient, and above all professional. They answered all my questions and concerns and gave me so much advice, as this was my first self-published novel. I am so grateful to them and will be using them for all future projects. There is nothing out there that offers the amount of quality Enchanted Ink does for an affordable price.


First Dates.png

First Dates

Es James

Nearly 10 years ago, I had the idea of writing a book, not knowing what I would write about or how that would come to fruition. I put my hands on my keyboard and slowly wrote my ideas. Those ideas slowly morphed into my life experiences with women and what they taught me over the past 15 years.

As I developed my writing style, I ran across a small YouTube channel “Natalia Leigh”. Watching Natalia’s content I refined my writing and could see her passion to help others fulfill their ambitions to publish their stories and in my case, experiences.

I first reached out to Enchanted Ink over 3 years ago. My draft manuscript was not ready, yet the team at Enchanted Ink guided me into the best course of action before submitting my work for editing. Working with Stephanie, I was able to improve the readability and better convey the lessons I was trying to write in her detailed critique. Once I was ready for my copy edit, Chelsea provided further refinement into the book flow and conviction of my writing style.

Thank you, Enchanted Ink, as it’s been a long journey but one where I have grown and hope to experience again for my second book offering. After enough time has passed and dating experiences are accumulated, I hope to work closely with the team at Enchanted Ink in the future.


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