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  • What is your refund policy?
    We require a 50 percent nonrefundable deposit for all editing, formatting, and cover design services. We do not offer refunds for cancellations or completed services.
  • Do you publish or print client books?
    We understand why we get this question; we're Enchanted Ink Publishing after all! However, we do not currently publish or print client work. The company began as a publishing house for our founder, Natalia Leigh, and has grown into a full-service editing and design company. We apologize for any confusion.
  • Can I call you or Zoom/FaceTime you?
    We are a small company and do not have the ability to take phone calls or video calls. Keeping all communication to email allows us to respond efficiently and keep a detailed log of everything we’ve discussed.
  • Do you offer packages or package discounts?
    Yes! We now offer discounted formatting services for clients who book editing or a cover design. You can learn more here. If you need multiple services, please let us know, and we’ll assist you in booking your editing and/or design services in the necessary order.
  • Will I receive my files before paying the final invoice?
    No, final payment is due before we’ll return edited files, formatted manuscripts, etc. Once the remaining balance has been paid, we will send files over to you. Final files are usually sent the same day of payment, unless you pay after our business hours or on a weekend.
  • Do you have payment plans?
    We invoice via PayPal, and PayPal has installment options. Please note these options and payment plans are not associated with Enchanted Ink Publishing; you'd enter into this agreement with PayPal.
  • In what order should I get editing services?
    We suggest the following order for editorial services: · Manuscript Critique · Line Editing · Copy Editing · Proofreading Deviating from this order could result in having to backtrack, which will cost both time and money.
  • How far in advance should I book editing services?
    We book out quickly, especially for manuscript critiques and line editing. If you’re interested in working with us, we suggest you reach out at least six months in advance.
  • Do you have a waiting list?
    Yes, we do. Please fill out a contact form and inquire with us regarding our availability.
  • Do you write blurbs for clients?
    No. We edit back cover blurbs, but we do not write blurbs for our clients. To learn more about our blurb editing services, please click here.
  • What genres do you edit?
    We offer critiques for most genres of fiction and some creative nonfiction, but we do not critique poetry, academic papers, or technical writing. We offer line editing for fiction only. We copy edit and proofread most genres, including poetry and creative nonfiction. However, we are not a good fit for academic or technical writing. Please fill out a contact form if you have further questions about the genres we edit.
  • Do you have an editing contract?
    Yes, we will sign a booking contract initially and an editing contract the week before your scheduled start date.
  • What file types will I receive upon completion of my format?
    This depends on which package you purchased. Paperback and hardcover files are delivered as PDFs, and e-books are delivered as EPUBs. We can create MOBI files upon request, but there is an additional fee. These files are not editable. If you do attempt to edit your PDF, we are not responsible for any errors you may cause or encounter.
  • Can you just add page numbers/headers and footers/etc. to my Word document?
    No, we do not offer partial or “à la carte” formatting. If you’d like to purchase a formatting package, you can learn more here.
  • What materials do I need to start the formatting process?
    You’ll need a final version of your manuscript, your design brief, and any additional materials (author photo, cover, map, title pages, etc.) that you plan to provide.
  • What are acceptable file formats for my manuscript to be in?
    Please provide your manuscript to us in a Word doc; you can export your manuscript as a Word doc from Scrivener, Pages, Google Docs, etc.
  • Can I convert a PDF into a Word doc and provide that for my format?
    We highly suggest you never convert from a PDF unless you have no other way to access your original manuscript. Due to the number of errors created by PDF conversion, we suggest a detailed author edit or a full copy edit after the conversion if this is your only way of obtaining a Word doc prior to your format.
  • Can I ask for updates/changes to my formatted files?
    Of course! You can request updates immediately or two years from now. We keep client files backed up and can access them at any time. Please be aware there are hourly fees associated with file updates.
  • Can I get the InDesign files/source files when my format is complete?
    We do not provide InDesign files or source files; we've found this creates more problems than solutions for our clients. We provide PDFs and EPUBs (MOBI by request). Source files are complex and not simply a Word document. We abide by the legalities of user/end user licensing of fonts, stock images, etc. When we license a font or asset for a client, it is licensed to our company for use in the declared end product. We strive to make self-publishing as simple and straightforward as possible, and we're happy to make any changes necessary to your formatted files. Please contact us if you need updates made.
  • How are proofreading corrections implemented?
    We will make changes manually while referencing your marked-up PDF (if you worked with a professional editor) or your proofreading corrections sheet (if you did a self-proofread). Corrections will be made to all your formatted files. Please note that formatted files are only editable by Enchanted Ink Publishing. We manually correct your files at an hourly rate. See additional information below. Author Proofread: If you're proofreading yourself, please use the formatted PDF. When working through your proofreading corrections sheet, we cross-reference each noted error with e-book and will get them corrected for all files. If there are any e-book specific formatting issues, please list those on the proofreading corrections sheet with a note that they're e-book only. Professional Proofreaders: Professional proofreaders will usually proofread via Adobe Markup. In this case, we make changes from the "marked-up" PDF file rather than the corrections page. Your professional proofreader should not be using your Word document. If your proofreader does not know how to use Adobe Markup, they will need to fill out the provided proofreading corrections sheet. Please keep in mind that correcting additional files/trims will take longer and result in more hourly work.
  • What if my proofreader doesn't use Adobe Markup?
    Professional proofreaders should be comfortable using Adobe Markup. If your proofreader does not use Adobe Markup, please ask them to fill out the proofreading corrections sheet while referencing the formatted PDF.
  • Can I have my book reformatted?
    If you need your book completely reformatted for any reason, please let us know. We can reformat your manuscript at an hourly rate. A reformat typically costs less, as we do not have to create a new design or exchange sample pages for review. This is usually a good option if you have an overwhelming number of proofreading corrections to implement or if you rewrote large sections of your book after the format. We can help you determine the best path forward. If your book needs reformatted, we will try to fit you in at our earliest convenience.
  • At what point in the writing/publishing process should I have my manuscript formatted?
    Formatting should happen only after you’ve made final revisions and have had a copy edit. You'll want your manuscript in its most polished form before we start the formatting process. We can, of course, make changes after you’ve had a proofread, but these updates are charged at our hourly rate.
  • Can I get a sample format before I get booked?
    Due to the large amount of work that goes into creating an interior layout, we do not offer formatting samples for clients. Please see our large portfolio here, which consists of a vast array of client work across many genres.
  • Will I see a sample of my e-book formatting?
    No, we do not provide sample pages for e-book formatting, as e-book formatting is based closely on your print file and will be simplified to allow for functionality across e-reader devices.
  • How long does it take for you to complete my proofreading corrections and send me new files?
    Depending on our current schedule and the needed number of corrections, updating formatted files usually takes three to six business days.
  • Why is there a charge for image placement?
    We charge an additional fee for placing images within interior files. Design work (including text wrapping) around images falls into hourly work due to the amount of custom formatting required. Our formatting packages come with one custom chapter design and basic image placement, including publishing logo, title page, map, and author photo. However, anything beyond that takes additional time to manage, design, and place. Manually placing images (per interior file) will take time on top of the original format, and it therefore is not covered within the base price.
  • What type of covers do you design?
    We design covers for fiction and nonfiction. Please see our portfolio for a sample of covers we’ve designed.
  • How many cover concepts will I receive?
    We create a single concept based on a design brief you’ll fill out prior to booking with us. This initial concept can then be revised if needed. If the first concept misses the mark, which is uncommon but does sometimes happen, we can discuss going in a different direction with a new concept.
  • Can I get the PSD file after my cover design is finished?
    Your final cover files will be in JPEG and PDF formats. If you need the PSD file, there will be an additional fee.
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